The Talk of the Town (2016) [Single]

by Jim Byron

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It's the talk of the town!

Speak up or listen up. Before the times start messin' you up.
Can't you see the weather's changin'? Even the stars, a-re-arrangin',
Hear all about what's goin' down.

It's the talk of the town!

Positions switchin', tongues and teeth predictin'
What's gonna come about. No one knows how it'll turn out.
Don't tell me no one's told you now! It's the talk of the town!

Bound to surprise the one living under a stone.
Then again, maybe not for sure. Some people dream of the future.
Some people let their dreams down![sic]

It's the talk of the town!

Who needs to be saved? Who's gonna be brave?
History will transform. People dyin', new people born,
What will be done and undone and how? It's the talk of the town!

It's the talk of the town!
It's the talk of the town.


released June 14, 2016




Jim Byron Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Dylan's back, but this time he’s Jameson, aka Jim Byron, who sounds like Youth Spirit incarnate (akin not only to Bob but also Conor Oberst and Daniel Johnston). A kindly soul, likely candidate for the spokesman for his generation, maniac of invention, generating new songs or poems during any good week, his lyrics manage brilliance and innocence with a poignant voice sure to mess up your heart." ... more

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