Bird Singing in a Living Tree

by Jim Byron

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Recorded and engineered by Dwayne Anderson, this track was originally intended to be a demo. It turned out well, and will be soon be released worldwide via Spinnup.


There's a bird singin' in a living tree.
There's a song living inside of me.
I'd like to fly high as the eye can see,
Just like the bird singing in the living tree.

The forest is flush with the seed of change,
Flowers flowin' 'long the mountain range.
Hear the churning seas, the howling breeze,
Me and the bird singin' in the living tree.

The city of roses one day will wilt,
The red bricks crumble and the towers lilt,
But from up above, untethered and free,
You will hear the bird singin' in the living tree.

The love of life shines just like the sun.
For the young at heart, it keeps shining on.
It pulls the shade of sorrow away,
Just like the bird singing in the living tree.


released April 2, 2015
Produced by Dwayne Anderson.
Guitar and vocals by Jim Byron.
Written by Jim Byron.




Jim Byron Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Dylan's back, but this time he’s Jameson, aka Jim Byron, who sounds like Youth Spirit incarnate (akin not only to Bob but also Conor Oberst and Daniel Johnston). A kindly soul, likely candidate for the spokesman for his generation, maniac of invention, generating new songs or poems during any good week, his lyrics manage brilliance and innocence with a poignant voice sure to mess up your heart." ... more

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